Minister's Island Photo Tour

 Minister's Island is a small piece of paradise located in Passamaquoddy Bay, near St. Andrews, NB, and it is my absolute favorite place to hang out. It is an endangered island with almost 500 acres of untouched nature, and was home to Sir William Van Horne in the 19th century. It is also the first place that employed me as a photographer. Back before I did "official" photo tours, I did one here, but I wasn't happy with the photos, and my "skills" as an amateur, or lack thereof. Since it's winter and I'm stuck inside, I have nowhere to really photograph(BLAH!). I have started going through old photos I've set aside.

 I came across the Minister's Island photo tour and not knowing when I will be able to go back, I decided to at least try and edit the ones that were decent. Going through them, I can still remember that day, the smell of ocean in the air, and the sun beating down on us. The lush green grass, and the fields, and fields of untouched beauty. I remember wanting to stay there forever, and hide away in the long grass. So, until I can make it back there, here is what I have left of my untouched paradise.

Minister's Island Photo Tour 2008



I could die right now, Clem. I'm just... happy. I've never felt that before. I'm just exactly where I want to be. -Joel, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I know who you are. I love you. I love everything about you that hurts. -Larry, Closer
Happy Valentine's Day!


52/48 Paint Brush

 So, I have this favorite poem from when I was about 12 years old, from those Chicken Soup for the Soul books. It's about being self conscious, and using a paint brush to cover up the real you so no one else can see. If you know me at all, you know that I prefer myself with makeup on, and have since I was 12-13. Not in a conceited, vain way, but more of a self conscious, I hate the way I look without it, kinda way. I use my face as a canvas. I love to experiment with colors, and it also usually suits how I feel that day. So if it's black, stay away, because I'm in a foul mood!

 I'm the kind of girl that wears make up on a 5 km hike, out four wheeling, or even to the store in the morning. If you've seen me without makeup, consider yourself  lucky! Which brings us to the poem, and my weekly photo. I've done this photo before, back when I had less resources and knowledge, and I HATED the way it turned out. With this one, I had to use my broken camera, so it's kind of out of focus, and not really what I wanted, but I'm gonna go with it and accept it for what it is. I think it adds character to the photo. Defintely shows who I am. Broken and out of focus! Haha. By the way, I don't feel about it as emo as the poem suggests, so I'm not posting the whole thing...

 52/48 Paint Brush

I keep my paint brush with me
Wherever I may go,
In case I need to cover up
So the real me doesn't show.


Black and White Feature Part I

When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.-Ted Grant

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I'm back, and yes I'm ranting...

 Hello, hello, hello, is there anybody out there? Haha. I truly apologize to my 2 followers that I haven't been writing lately. I have been so uninspired. Between the boring, endless whiteness of winter, and my half broken camera, I just don't have it in me right now. I'm so afraid that my camera will break completely. You might as well gouge my eyes out...damn you crappy new technology that was built to break so I'd have to buy the newer models you pump out constantly. I still have an SLR from 1962 that works perfectly. Maybe that's my new inspiration right there. I do feel like a fake if I haven't even used film before....GASP!

 While we are on that subject, nothing infuriates me more then all these posers with the newest cameras and all the gadgets, and they don't even use them. They just brag about them. Awesome. Good for you. Well I'm at least extremely proud to say that I've come all this way without any fancy equipment. It's kind of like a raw survival, just you and your camera out there on your own. What you see is what you get, and there's nothing helping you along. Except when you get home to Photoshop's loving arms! I don't even have a tripod anymore for f*** sakes! Everything's so damned expensive, and breaks so easy. I'm still mourning the loss of my nifty fifty I owned for a week before it broke. One day, if I ever have the money, I would love to start the Starving Artists Foundation, where said posers, can blow the dust off their cameras and donate them to emerging artists who have the talent, and just need the tools. I know from experience they will treasure those cameras, and the opportunity, more than anyone. I already have another SLR I've been lending out to inspire people.

 On the subject of me being proud of myself, I was recently recognized by some well respected, and extremely talented artists on DA, and they had some pretty wicked things to say about me. It totally made my life, and I can finally die happy. Haha, just kidding, I'm not done yet! So I would like to share those things with you, and then I'll be off. I think to further inspire myself, I will be posting more in my blog. The truth maybe. I've always held back, on here, on FB, and on DA from fear of rejection...or something. I'm kind of a shut in if you haven't noticed, and I have a problem socializing in public, and online. I also have a problem putting my opinions out there, mainly because I just don't care what other people think, and people that do really irk me. I don't need someone's approval to continue believing what I believe. It's mine, and not yours. Just writing all this will bother me for a bit, but this is my blog, and the problem is, nobody really knows the real me...
Spotlight on Me

"Ashley's work impresses me. Her eye for composition is wonderful and it's followed up with some world class post work. Ashley's pictures tend to be darker, but they don't mask everything. They are dark, but not overly cooked or devoid of the feeling in the original image. It's a fine line and she balances it with great skill" - Joe McGuire

The First Critique I've Received

Critique by *Adomius 
 The first thing I thought when I saw this image was "What is he looking at with such sad eyes?" and that is why I am going to start this critique with what I think of the impact. This picture is terrifyingly moving. There is such fear and sadness in his eyes that it is hard not to worry about him. The way that he is curled up and laying on the floor only adds to the sad effect. It is simply an extremely powerful image.
There are very few ways to display the tragedy of being a new born in a way as well as this. For a new born child their first moments of sadness are truly the saddest of their life so far, and you capture that so well here.
It is rare to find an original idea, but I must say this image is one of a kind.
The technique is wonderful as well. There is a great composition; enough of a border around the head to be defining and a fair amount of negative space. The contrast is beautiful as well. The white carpet, the dark shadow below the head, and every shade of grey on the face and body give this perfect range of the grey scale. This is one of the best images I have seen in quite some time.

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What's Your Poison?
If you drink much from a bottle marked 'poison' it is certain to disagree with you sooner or later. -Lewis Carroll