Minister's Island Photo Tour

 Minister's Island is a small piece of paradise located in Passamaquoddy Bay, near St. Andrews, NB, and it is my absolute favorite place to hang out. It is an endangered island with almost 500 acres of untouched nature, and was home to Sir William Van Horne in the 19th century. It is also the first place that employed me as a photographer. Back before I did "official" photo tours, I did one here, but I wasn't happy with the photos, and my "skills" as an amateur, or lack thereof. Since it's winter and I'm stuck inside, I have nowhere to really photograph(BLAH!). I have started going through old photos I've set aside.

 I came across the Minister's Island photo tour and not knowing when I will be able to go back, I decided to at least try and edit the ones that were decent. Going through them, I can still remember that day, the smell of ocean in the air, and the sun beating down on us. The lush green grass, and the fields, and fields of untouched beauty. I remember wanting to stay there forever, and hide away in the long grass. So, until I can make it back there, here is what I have left of my untouched paradise.

Minister's Island Photo Tour 2008